We will do a 1 on 1 evaluation of a worker at their workstation (seated and standing) and identify risks, whilst suggesting ways to reduce sprain, strain and injury.

Ergonomic Equipment can be confusing. Our experts staff can assist with making sure that the equipment you purchase is perfectly suited to you.

Ask about our 7 day no obligation trials available for most items.

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No Matter Your Budget, We Can Find a Solution

If you're like the majority of working Australians, chances are you are spending more time sitting than you do standing or even sleeping. Workplaces are becoming more sedentary and with around 90% of us experiencing back pain, it's important to make sure you've got the right support.

Our highly trained staff will tailor a solution to optimise your work environment. With our wide range of desks, seating and accessories we are confident that we can find the perfect solution to suit your needs and fit your budget.

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Ergonomic Postures