Smartfit Laptop Riser



The SmartFit Laptop Riser enhances your comfort by reducing neck and back strain while you work. It does this by employing a SmartFit System and Zero footprint mounting to lift your monitors to eye level, providing you with an ergonomic experience. The anti-skid tilt design has pads that will keep your laptop securely in place.

The SmartFit Laptop Raiser is compatible with laptops up to 15.6” and 3.5 kg.
The slim, metal design offers solid support while helping you organise your workspace.
Zero footprint mounting gives you the ability to clip in a compatible Kensington universal dock under the laptop platform, freeing up space on your desk.
The SmartFit System offers you 4 available height settings for optimal ergonomic comfort.
Take advantage of the Kensington security slot available on both right and left legs, allowing you to secure your monitors.
Cable management under the laptop platform allows you to neatly route cords.
This riser has a height of 120 mm.


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