ErgoRest Long Pad Forearm Support



The ErgoRest reduces stress and fatigue as well as helps the user to maintain a neutral wrist position for keyboarding, mousing and other desktop activities. The ErgoRest Long Pad comes with a longer forearm support pad than the standard ErgoRest.

Extended forearm arm support pad
Three pivot points ensure great flexibility and mobility
Height adjustable
Can be used as a single or in a pair
Aluminium structure with padded arm supports
Clamps to desks

Clamp openings: 15-43mm
Clamp width: 45mm
Clamp depth: 69.5mm
Clamp end swivels 180°
Inner arm length: 146mm
Outer arm length: 89mm
Centre of arm and armrest pad both swivel 360°
Forearm support pad: 102mm wide x 200mm length

Light grey pad, white frame


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