DXT Wireless Mouse



The DXT Wireless Mouse is an ergonomic and ambidextrous vertical mouse that distributes work throughout the fingers, hand, wrist forearm and shoulder. The DXT enables the thumb and index finger to work together producing higher accuracy and performance.

* Promotes a relaxed position, reducing tension and twisting of the forearm
* Compact design with a small footprint that is suitable for large and small hands
* The precision grip design, where the index finger and thumb work closely together, allows for precise cursor movement
* 2 buttons and scroll wheel
* Ambidextrous design is suitable for right or left hand users or switching throughout the day
* Simple one button push to switch from left to right hand and back
* DPI: 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000
* Wireless connection via USB dongle with a range up to 10m
* Plug & Play

Height: 81mm
Width: 45mm
Depth: 56mm
Weight: 84g

Grey body with silver buttons

An introduction to the DXT Mouse

How the DXT Wireless Mouse Works

Myth of pinch grip and its uses with computer mice

Why does compact size allow for accuracy


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