Electric Desks

Complete desks that raise and lower to transform your entire work surface into the perfect sit to stand environment.

Sit to Stand Units

Table top units that can be used on any existing desk to create a simple sit to stand work surface.

Keyboards & Numeric Pads

Ergonomic keyboards and numerical pads designed to ease wrist, elbow, forearm and shoulder pain.

Mice, Rollerbars & Touchpads

Designed to reduce the stresses that cause carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury. Only the best ergonomic mouse devices make the cut.


Feet can't touch the ground? You may require a footrest. A footrest helps achieve the ideal siting posture, reducing stress to your legs, back and neck.

Monitor Arms

We offer a wide range of monitor arms to suit every need. A flexible, strong and adjustable monitor arm is an essential tool in the modern office.

Floor Mats & Anti Fatigue Matting

 Our range of industrial matting & anti fatigue mats will help provide a cleaner, safer and healthier work environment. Reduce accidents and work related injuries while enhancing comfort and productivity.

Document Holders

Do you work from or read paper documents while using your computer? If you do, positioning them properly is an important way to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

Wrist & Forearm Supports

Our wrist and forearm supports help to achieve a neutral hand/arm posture while sitting at your desk to achieve optimal comfort and alleviate pain.

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Ergonomics Does Not Have To Be Expensive

There is a huge myth that ergonomics has to be expensive. According to renowned ergonomics researcher, Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University, “when ergonomics is an integral part of basic job and workplace design and not an afterthought, it’s no more expensive to choose a good ergonomic design for a workplace than to choose a bad design. The difference isn’t ergonomics; it’s education!”

It is also important to think about the money you can save in boosted productivity and less lost time injuries.

Our highly trained staff will tailor an ergonomic solution that is perfect for your work area and fits your budget.